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Why TLS Data?

Data guarantees

At TLS, we have unrivalled knowledge and experience in sourcing business and consumer direct marketing lists, gained through years of successfully handling the challenges set by our clients' data needs.

We know the strengths and weaknesses of all the major business and consumer data suppliers, plus many more specialised and niche data sources.

We often find we know more about our suppliers’ data than their own sales people do!

This knowledge is supported by TLS Data's unique in-house data directory system, with constantly-updated list categories and sources.

We know what’s available, and what works - and what doesn't.

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Independent marketing data

We are proudly independent

Data owners will always try and sell you the data they own. However, unlike most other data providers, we are not tied to any suppliers, meaning we are independent and totally unbiased. This means we are free to select the best marketing lists from the marketplace as a whole.

We often “cherry-pick” and de-dupe data from more than one source. This allows us to propose only the data we believe will work best for each campaign.

Fast and friendly service

We are approachable and friendly, but fast and efficient too - that’s always been the TLS Data mantra. 

We respond quickly and professionally to all your data enquiries and orders, but always with meticulous attention to detail.


Trading since 1996, we are one of the UK’s longest established and most relied upon suppliers of business data to clients across the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Data guarantees

For your complete confidence and peace of mind, we offer a 100% guarantee on all postal and telemarketing data with no threshold, and 95% deliverability on all email data.

Value for money

Value for money

Our business data and marketing expertise does not cost you a penny. In fact it will usually save you money! Our negotiating power and relationships with marketing list suppliers mean our rates are always highly competitive.

Efficient targeting can also mean lower volumes, creating savings not only on data but also in other areas such as fulfillment or telemarketing costs.

Tell us if you get a lower quote from a reputable supplier - we will usually match or beat it.

Free advice and data proposal

We are happy to work with you to identify your target audience and the best way to reach them.

Or if you already have a clear view on these points, just let us have the details and we will work to your criteria.

We will compare and assess the relevant data options, taking into consideration:

  • Precise coverage of the specified target market
  • Accuracy and recency of the data
  • Response rates
  • Value for money

- and select what we believe will be the most effective data solution for your project.Then, usually within a few hours, we will send you a clear and simple data proposal. This will show the criteria we have used, the quantity of data available, and the costs.

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