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Consumer Email Marketing

Consumer email campaigns offer direct marketing that is low cost, highly targeted, fast and fully accountable.

There are no costs for printing, postage or telemarketing, leaving far more of your budget available to deliver your message to the right people. Delivery and response, both online and by phone, are rapid. And email marketing campaign statistics mean you can accurately measure return on investment.

The potential new customers you can reach with an email campaign are only a few clicks away from completing a purchase on your website.

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Consumer email marketing lists

Email data selections

You can select from millions of current opt-in email addresses of consumers in the UK and overseas who have asked to receive information and offers related to their interests. Selections include:

Affluence/wealth, age, charity donation, credit cards held, eating out, family details, finance, gender, health, hobbies, holidays, home, income, interests, insurance renewal dates, value of investments, leisure interests, lifestyle, motoring, music, occupation (choose from almost 2,000), shopping preferences, sport, wines etc.

Managed broadcasts

We will handle the entire broadcasting process. This includes sending a test broadcast of your creative for your approval, the live broadcast itself, and afterwards a report showing full statistics on how many were successfully delivered, how many were opened by recipients, and the numbers that clicked on each of the links included in your creative.


Rates vary, depending on the volume, the type of data and the usage you require. The cost options for your data will be clearly outlined in your data proposal.


All data supplied by TLS Data Ltd for email marketing complies fully with UK and EU regulations and legal requirements for 'opt-in', data protection, and data privacy.

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