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Business Email Marketing

Business email campaigns offer direct marketing that is low cost, highly targeted, fast and fully accountable.

There are no costs for printing, postage or telemarketing, leaving far more of your budget available to deliver your message to the right people. Delivery and response, both online and by phone, are rapid. And email campaign statistics mean you can accurately measure return on investment.

The potential new customers you will reach with a business email campaign are only a click away from your website.

Email data selections

Email Marketing

Select by any combination of the following criteria:

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Contact email addresses

The email addresses are provided by each business or organisation as the preferred email address to reach that individual or business/organisation. They are gathered and updated principally by call centre agents calling the businesses, or by updates received from the businesses themselves via the internet or phone calls, or through direct mail returns. 

If an individual objects (opts-out) to the storing and using of his/her personal data, then the personal data is removed from the database.

Only Corporate Subscribers working for limited companies and other incorporated organisations such as LLPs are included. No individual subscribers working for unincorporated businesses (sole traders, partnerships etc) are included.

Legitimate Interest is the legal basis used to process personal data of corporate subscribers, complying with GDPR, PECR and the guidelines for the UK issued by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Managed email broadcasts

For a flat additional fee of £350 per broadcast, we will manage the entire broadcasting process. This service includes setting up the client’s HTML creative within the broadcast platform, the broadcast itself and full reporting detailing the quantities delivered, opened and clicked, and contact details showing who opened / clicked, containing all the fields present in the incoming data.

End-user broadcasts

We also release business email addresses to end-users, for single or multiple use by yourselves or your bureau.


Rates vary, depending on the volume, the type of data and the usage you require. The cost options for your data will be clearly outlined in your data proposal.


All data supplied by TLS Data Ltd for email marketing complies fully with UK and EU regulations and legal requirements for 'opt-in', data protection, and data privacy.


Reach the right people - contact us now for expert advice and a free email marketing data proposal. Call +44 (0)1580 211112 or complete the enquiry form on the right.

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