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Business Lists TLS Data

Select business data from over 3.5 million named senior decision makers at 2.6 million businesses and public sector organisations in the UK, and over 30 million worldwide.

Business Lists

Selection criteria

As one of the UK's leading suppliers of high quality and reliable business data, we offer a comprehensive range of business data information. Choose any combination of relevant business list selections from the following:

Type of business or organisation
Size of business or organisation
Job function
Site status
Premises type
Public sector
Medical data
Other criteria

Raw data for our business lists comes typically from public domain sources such as Companies House and business directories. Detailed information is then gathered daily, through ongoing telephone validation carried out by trained researchers. They verify the company information (size, business activity, site status etc) and names, job titles and job functions of key senior contacts. Where actual turnover and employee size are not known, a profiled or "modelled" value is applied.

Re-verification is carried out at pre-determined regular intervals, depending on the size of the company. The largest are contacted every three months.

Updates and cleaning (gone-aways and notified changes of address/contact name) are carried out constantly.


We offer a 100% guarantee on all postal and telemarketing data with no threshold, and 95% deliverability on all email data.


Business list rates vary, depending on the volume, the type of data and the usage you require. The cost options for your data will be clearly outlined in your data proposal.


Reach the right people - contact us now for expert advice and a free business data proposal. Call +44 (0)1580 211112 or complete the enquiry form on the right.

  • Type of business or organisation
    Select by any combination of the following:
    Broad business sector (e.g. Finance, Retail, Construction, Manufacturing, Business Services, Health, Local Government etc)
    Detailed description in words (e.g. Independent Financial Advisers, Roofing Contractors, Automotive Component Manufacturers, Accountants, GP Practices)
    SIC Codes (Standard Industrial Classification, UK or US systems)
  • Size of business or organisation
    Select by any combination of the following:
    Annual Turnover
    Number of employees on site, number of employees in organisation
    Number of sites/branches in organisation
  • Location
    Select by any of the following:
    Postcode area (e.g. TN), postcode district (e.g. TN2) or postcode sector (e.g. TN2 5)
    Distance (radius) or travelling time from a specified town or location
  • Job function
    Select named senior decision makers by their job role or function. Options include the senior contact on site (MD, Partner, Proprietor, Site Manager etc), and those with more specific job functions, such as senior decision makers responsible for Finance, IT/Computing, HR/Personnel, Marketing, Purchasing or any of the following job functions:

    Company Secretary
    Corporate Events
    Corporate Hospitality
    Customer Service
    Event Organisers
    Fleet (cars, vans or trucks)
    Health and Safety
    HR (Human Resources)/Personnel
    IT Security
    Managing Director or equivalent
    Mobile Phone Buyers
    Office Consumables Buyers
    Office Equipment Buyers
    Office Managers
    Personnel/Human Resources
    R & D
    Warehousing and Storage

  • Site status
    Select by any of the following:
    Head Office
    Divisional Head Office
    Sole Site
  • Premises type
    Select by any of the following:
    Businesses at home
    Shops & other retail outlets
    Sport, leisure & entertainment
  • Public Sector
    Public Sector organisations collectively employ almost 6 million people in the UK. Expert knowledge is needed to track the complex structure and organisational hierarchy of these organisations and the key decision makers within them.

    Specialist databases focus on Education, Health, Local/Regional and Central Government and Housing in detail, with comprehensive coverage of senior and mid level management contacts, profiled with over 200 functional categories plus classifications for level of seniority.

    Postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and email addresses are available.

    Primary, secondary, middle, private and special schools. Named head teachers, department heads, other senior contacts.

    Sixth Form Colleges, Colleges and Universities.
    Wide range of named senior Administrative, Managerial and Faculty/Department Heads.

    Named senior individuals within the emerging foundation trusts and remaining NHS Trusts, and the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) which replaced Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in April 2013.
    Contacts range from Chairman/Chief Executives to senior administrative and managerial contacts. You can also select by a wide range of departmental functions or medical/clinical specialties. Also from the Primary Care sector, you can select GP's, Practice Managers, Practice Nurses and a wide range of specialist Primary Care contacts.

    Local Government
    Chief Executives, Councillors, senior Officers and department heads at all County, District and Unitary councils. Selections include heads of departments responsible for all local authority functions and services including Administrative, Computing, Financial, Highways, Housing, Leisure, Parks, Planning, Public Transport, all Social Services, plus Fire & Police.

    Central Government
    Public Sector data also includes senior civil servants in Departments of Government, National Executive Agencies, Quangos, Housing Associations, MPs, MEPs, Law Courts, Probation and Prison Services.

  • Medical data
    Specialist medical databases include hospital doctors, nurses, hospital management and senior administrative personnel in the UK and overseas. Postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses are available.

    Hospital Doctors
    More than 65,000 hospital doctors are available in the UK and more overseas. They can be selected by grade and by their prime specialty, e.g. Cardiology, Haematology, Neurology, Obstetrics, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, and over 100 more.

    Hospital Nurses
    More than 60,000 specialist nurses are available. They can be selected by grade and by their prime specialty, e.g. A&E, Anaesthetics, Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Intensive Care, Oncology, Renal, and over 60 more.

    Hospital / Retail Pharmacists, Medical Lab Professionals can also be targeted.

  • Other criteria
    Many business list campaigns can be successfully targeted using a combination of the criteria listed above, but your needs may be more specific.

    For example, you might need to target companies selected by profitability, rate of expansion, with a certain number of pc's, or using a specific software application. You could be looking for an unusual job function, or people who have already expressed an interest in, or are already using, a specific product or business service. Many specialised databases exist to meet these needs.

    In cases like these we aim to provide prompt solutions using our unique in-house business data directory, developed and constantly up-dated by TLS. It contains over 1,000 specialised or unusual data categories, with potential sources listed against each one. This enables us to make rapid and efficient comparisons of volumes, quality and cost, and select the best - however specific or unusual your needs.

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